Presenting the New Chicken Coop

Outlook Academy could not have built this coop without the help of the following people:  Sarah Haist, John Donahue, Aaron Maxwell, Reyn deJong, Carl Ill, John Glessner, Jessie Diaz, Students in the Small Business Operations Class at the Tech Center, Larry Thayer, Karen Swartz,  Pam Petroelje, Jan deJong, Missy Meekhof, Greg Smith, Mitch Overway, Scott Warner, Mark Dobias, Jon Rawlinson, and each of our students who volunteered an hour of their day to help. 

Aaron Maxwell is finishing up the work on the coop this week.  He is putting a lid on the nesting box, nailing up trim, and putting up the fencing.  We should be able to bring chickens to live at Outlook sometime after Thanksgiving vacation.  The students enjoyed the process.  Their only complaint was that they couldn’t help more.  That is a success in itself.

Outlook Academy Finds Funding to Build Chicken Coop!

The students at Outlook Academy went on a letter writing campaign to raise funds or donations to build a chicken coop.  Outlook Board member, Sarah Haist, very kindly donated $500 to Outlook to build the coop.  On Friday, November 20th and Saturday, November 21st, students and staff will be building the coop.  We have a group of volunteers who will be helping on one or both days.  We are pleased to partner with Larry Thayer’s classes at the Allegan Tech Center.  Any parent or student who would like to show up on Saturday to help, we welcome you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Tina Maxwell at (269) 686-8227 or

Outlook Expands the Charter!

Outlook Academy Director, Mark Dobias, has been working hard over the last school year to expand the charter.  The state of Michigan has approved the expansion. 

What does this mean?  It means that Outlook Academy will now serve students ages ten and higher.  We will also offer GED and High School Diploma’s for those students who wish to stay at Outlook instead of return to their resident district.  Outlook Academy will also have two sites.  We will now be serving the Youth Home and Cheever students in addition to the students we already serve. 

Besides these exciting changes, Outlook will be expanding to two classrooms.  Middle school age students will be in one classroom and high school age students will be in a seperate classroom.  With the growth we experienced last school year, staff believes this will be the best way to help students be successful in school.  This will lower the class sizes from 24 to 12 students.  Outlook will also have a full time special education teacher join our staff next fall.

You might also notice some nice changes to the inside of the building.  We hope the students will enjoy these new changes.  We are already very much looking forward to next school year.  Enjoy the summer!

Outlook Gets a New Webpage

After much deliberation, Outlook Academy decided to post a website through instead of using a wiki site.  The decision was based on a couple of things.  First, the wiki site is interactive, meaning people can edit it once they are a member.  For a school, this could become an issue for a variety of reasons.  Second, the templates available through are more professional which keeps with a school’s image. 

Our hope in creating this website is to provide information to the students, parents, schools, and community members Outlook Strict Discipline Academy serves.  You will notice there are links to staff emails, contact numbers, resources, newsletters, and other helpful information located on this new site.

We are open to feedback on how to improve upon this site for our community members.  Please feel free to email your thoughts to  Thank you and welcome to our new website!